If you're serious about buying ...  

And you're not already working with a Realtor ...

then I would be happy to notify you of all the new listings in the Rideau Lakes/Lanark Highlands area that meet your criteria, absolutely FREE!

 My approach is quite successful and very rewarding for both my clients and myself.
- I ask that you provide a detailed ‘wish list’ that describes what you ultimately prefer in a property (keeping in mind that the 3 factors that affect value the most are: clean, weed free, ‘boatable’ waterfront – a level private lot – and, easy year-round access) .  

- I take this list, research the inventory and forward listings to you that best match your criteria

- We then agree to spend a morning or an afternoon viewing 3 or 4 of these properties. This is really productive and serves a number of purposes:  
(1) We get to meet in person and get to know each other a little better
(2) You become more familiar with the nuances of the various lakes and neighbourhoods

and (3) The ‘hands-on’ experience helps us refine the criteria and zone in on that ‘perfect’ property.  
If this sounds fair, and interesting - then please feel free to simply e-mail your detailed "wish list" and I will forward all the listings that match your search criteria. 

margaret@rideaurealty.ca       call/text 613-812-8400